Maracha District renews GBV fight

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Maracha District SGBV Referral Pathway has been revised and adopted by stakeholders. The path-way facilitates primary duty bearers and actors with information on how to respond to respond to Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases and to guide victims/survivors of GBV on where to seek assistance and what services are available at different referral points.

Ms. Edith Kemigisa, Programs Man-ager Save the Children, said differ-ent actors have different roles to play as stipulated in the pathway. Ms. Kemigisa said the pathway will be printed out and pinned in strate-gic community service points.

Mr. Paul Walakira, Maracha District Local Government Chief Adminis-trative Officer, said that there is need to follow procedures in the management of GBV cases.

Mr. Walakira said in some communi-ties men are victims of domestic violence, but they choose to keep quiet for fear of stigmatization.

Hon. Lt (Rtd) Charles Waga, Secre-tary for Works and Technical Ser-vices Maracha District, said most cases of domestic violence in the Maracha are due to drug abuse. He said addressing drug abuse will go a long in tackling gender based violence.

“Drug abuse is the main cause of domestic violence. Drug abuse ha be be addressed”

Capt(Rtd) Yasin Buga Matata, RDC Maracha, called for the full imple-mentation of the pathway to real-ize the desired results.

Hon. Stephen Obitre, Maracha Dis-trict Chairperson, commended Save the Children for spearheading the SGBV Referral Pathway initia-tive. Hon.Obitre underscored the need to follow the guiding princi-ples stipulated in the pathway.

The princples in the SGBV Referral Pathway include: confidentiality, safety and security, respect and non-discrimination, among others.