Maracha gets new RDC

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, August 22, 2023


Capt(Rtd) Yasin Buga Matata was in May posted to Maracha District as the new RDC. He took over from Mr. Festus Ayikobua who moved to Terego District.

The handover on May 29, 2023, was witnessed by Maracha District Chair-person Hon. Stephen Obitre, Mara-cha District Police Commander Mr. Joshua Kananura, among other offi-cials.

Mr. Ayikobua gave a status report on security and the implementation of various government programs.

“ The district has the manpower to deliver services. The district recently recruited more staff”

Mr. Ayikobua appreciated the dis-trict leadership led by Maracha Dis-trict Chairperson, Hon. Obitre, for the support rendered to him during his tour of duty in the district.

He also commended the district se-curity team for their commitment towards work. He pointed out the raising cases of firearms in the hands of civilians.

Mr. Ayikobua pointed that six fire-arms had been recovered with in a period of 6 months.

He also expressed concern over the raising cases of land conflicts in the district with the ever decreasing land size and a growing population.

“Land issues if not handled will lead to death. DPC, LC5, RDC have been going to communities to han-dle land issues. Grand children are demanding for land given to institu-tions. Family land has become a problem”

He said if there were any mistakes made during his tour of duty, they were in the interest of the district.

On his part, Hon. Obitre , said he was happy to witness the hando-ver. He appreciated Mr. Ayikobua for his hardwork. Hon. Obitre said the outgone RDC was key in the resolution of land conflicts.

“ He will be missed on the issue of land conflicts” he said

Hon. Obitre said the district had all the heads of departments with staffing constituted at 74% and this would propel the district to effec-tive service delivery.

Capt (Rtd) Matata, in his brief re-marks called for unity among the different layers of district leaders. He called for dialogue in situations of misunderstanding.

“ I don’t work on accusations. If there are issues, they should be resolved”