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About us


Maracha District is found in the North Western region lying between Arua and Koboko Districts. Its District headquarters and Commercial Town is  Maracha Town Council, 24 miles north of Arua Town along the main road to South Sudan. 

Maracha District is bordered by Koboko District in the North, Yumbe District in the North East, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and by Arua District in the South and South East. Maracha comprises two counties namely: Maracha County and Maracha East County. The District has 14 rural sub counties and 5 town council, 91 parishes and 691 villages. The district, with a total area of 441 sq km is home to 186,176 (2014 census) people who are spread within the one county.

This predominantly agricultural district grows food crops such as cassava, beans groundnuts, among others.

Maracha District Vision

 “A Model District in Uganda with a Healthy, Wealthy, Knowledgeable and Peaceful people by 2040”.

Maracha District Mission

 “To increase and sustain access to socio-economic services to the population of Maracha and create prime conditions for Investment, peace, good governance and development”.

 Overall Goal of Maracha District

“To promote provision of adequate, sustainable, reliable and efficient socio-economic services to all the people in the district for improved standards of living and promote prosperity for all by the year 2040”