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Information and Public Relation

Radio stations
The 2002 Uganda Population and Housing Census report revealed that 33.5 percent of the households in Budaka district receive information by use of radio signals. The major stations with signals in the District include but not limited to the following: UBC-radio(Radio-Uganda), Open-gate radio, Continental, Kyoga-Veritus, Step radio, Challenge FM, Capital radio, Central Broadcasting Services (CBS), BBC, Voice of Teso, Kiira FM and NBS. The listener-ship of these radio stations depend on ethnic background and the catalogue of programmes they broadcast.  However, they also target the age segment. Nevertheless, there is no radio station in Budaka district unlike the neighbouring districts of Pallisa and Mbale.

Courier systems
The District accesses postal services from Budaka post office, located in Budaka Town Council. However, some parts of the District access postal services from Mbale main post office, a distance of 25 kilometres from Budaka town. Other postal service providers have not yet opened up in Budaka.
Television Stations
There is no TV station in Budaka District. However, TV signals from UBC-TV are received with support from the booster located in Buwalasi of Mbale district. It is important to note that sometimes WBS and Light TV signals are felt in some selected locations of the District. There are prepaid TV services provided by Multi-Choice Uganda limited and G-TV. The services provided by these TV service providers are basically for leisure but on commercial basis. Football matches, movies and foreign news are some of the items on the telecast menu.

Telecommunication services
The District is well served with telephone services for both fixed and mobile facilities. The service providers include: MTN-Uganda, CELTEL, Orange and UTL- Mango and WARID telecommunications LTD. These telephone providers have masks located in Budaka, Kaderuna and other strategic locations in the District.

Print media companies
There is no print media company in the District. However, the District receives newspapers on daily basis supplied by the local dailies i.e. the New vision, the Monitor and the weeklies like the Weekly Observer and Etop for the Teso speaking community. The receipt of the print media is facilitated by the smooth Mbale-Kampala highway via Tirinyi. Newspapers arrive in Budaka as early as 7.00am by the respective media company courier service vans.
The website
Budaka district website was launched with the support from Uganda communications commission on the address: www.budaka.go.ug. However, the hosting and updating of the district website is still a challenging task for the District to grapple with. The capacity of the district staff is not yet built to host and update the website. The internet and intranet connections are still lacking in Budaka district. Internet facilities are not accessed in Budaka except if one travelled to Mbale. Therefore, there is need to open up internet services in the District for its very nature of importance in the field of global information management systems. However,  isolated cases of internet facilities do exist at a stand alone arrangement.